Amy Jane Tice grew up giving make-overs to all of the kids in her neighborhood. At an early age, she was often found nose deep in Seventeen and Vogue magazines. While she loved fashion and cosmetics, something always stood out to her in a photo…healthy skin.


So how does one obtain healthy skin? This question has been the root of all that Amy has studied through the years. Always being a bit of a health nut, the Aveda Institute of Minneapolis seemed like a good fit to study Esthetics, as they shared the philosophy in uniting health and wellness, with skin treatments. After graduating with honors, and honing her skills in a busy spa industry, Amy Jane Tice decided it was time to continue her journey by attending school for both Massage Therapy and a Holistic Health Practitioner Program at the Wholistic Life Center, located in the beautiful hills of Southern Missouri. 


Amy Jane Tice, now residing in Southern California, continues to practice her passion for both wellness and skincare, by offering facial treatments using non-invasive, healing, glow-inducing modalities. Microcurrent facials are one of her specialties. And don’t be surprised if she sends you home with a green juice recipe. She can talk superfoods for hours.

Mushroom tea anyone?

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