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 S I G N A T U R E  F A C I A L  


The Works! This facial is a favorite because it covers all the bases. Treatment begins with a thorough cleansing and exfoliation using Enzymes or Wet/Dry Diamond-Tip Microdermabrasion, followed by Microcurrent stimulation, LED Light Therapy, and finishing with the exceptionally hydrating Intraceuticals Oxygen Serum application.

Talk about glowing!

90 minutes $275

R A D I A N C E  F A C I A L 

A classic. The Radiance Facial includes double cleansing, proper exfoliation using Enzymes

or Wet/Dry Diamond-Tip Microdermabrasion, extractions if necessary,

and a Customized Masque and Massage. 

You will leave relaxed and rejuvenated.

60 minutes $175

O X Y G E N  I N F U S I O N 


A tall drink of water for your skin! The Intraceuticals Oxygen Treatment leaves you glowing with hydration. A combination of lightweight hyaluronic acid and antioxidants is applied with oxygen, resulting in increased firmness, reduced appearance of fine lines, and improved facial contours. This treatment is cooling and calming. It is fantastic as a series or anytime extra nourishment is desired.

60 minutes $195



Often referred to as “fitness for the face."

Microcurrent uses tiny electrical impulses to re-educate the facial muscles.

Lifting and toning, lengthening and stretching.

It’s like a good pilates class.

Microcurrent, at the same time, stimulates ATP in the cells,

creating a healthy and bright complexion. 


Facial includes LED Light Therapy.  

60 minutes $175


For best long-term results, a series is recommended.   

L E D  L I G H T  T H E R A P Y 


A wow factor in any facial! LED Light Therapy stimulates cell regeneration to produce collagen and elastin, kill p. acnes bacteria, reduce inflammation, and speed healing time, resulting in the lessened appearance of fine lines, pesky breakouts, and hyperpigmentation.  Add to any facial. $55

F A C I A L  I N F U S I O N 

R E V I T A P E N 

Optimal skin restoration. RevitaPen is a noninvasive tool that enhances product absorption to create visible and instant results. Unique sphere-shaped tips create micro-channels in the skin, allowing active ingredients to be driven deep into the dermis. 


Visibly improve the texture of the skin and diminish scar tissue. Reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and hyperpigmentation. Increase hydration and circulation. Reduce blemishes and inflammation. Provides gentle exfoliation.  

60 minutes $195

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